Picture of Anil Sharma Associates

Anil Kumar Sharma

Anil Sharma is an architect who graduated from IIT Roorkee in 1982. He started his career with Bharadwaj & Associates in the same year and worked with them until 1984. He then joined Kabil Associates, a USA-based firm, and worked with them until 1989. During his time at Kabil Associates, Anil worked on several prestigious projects, including the USIS Calcutta, US Chancery Burma, US Consulate, and Consular Residence in Lahore. He also spent six months working in the US office of Kabil Associates. In 1989, Anil started his own architecture practice, which he named ASA (Anil Sharma Associates). His first project under ASA was a hotel in Pune, which was later branded the Holiday Inn Pune. This project won the “Best New Hotel of the Year in the Asia Pacific Region” award from Holiday Inn worldwide. Since then, ASA has been involved in various hotel projects all over India and has designed projects in Nepal, Bangladesh, and Kazakhstan as well. Anil Sharma has built a reputation as a skilled and accomplished architect, with a focus on creating innovative and sustainable designs that meet the needs of his clients.

A Sharma Associates is a professional consultancy firm offering services in the field of planning, architecture, interiors and building engineering. We have undertaken and executed several prestigious and noteworthy projects all over the country. The projects have been implemented using local materials in the vernacular forms of architecture utilizing the effects of environment and climate. Our personal attention to minute details of designed space requirements ensures a customized service to our clients.