About Us


Our Philosophy

We believe, any form that can be drawn by a simple stroke of a pencil becomes immortal.

Any iconic project has to be designed from whole to part. We believe that any ‘form’ that can be drawn by a simple stroke of a pencil has the ability to become immortal. A ‘form’ has to evolve out of reason/logic and it ought to have a purpose, and be contextual.
Practical projects are designed when viability and budget gain highest priority. Space planning takes precedence over other things in this approach and ‘form’ is the result of good space planning. We excel in this approach.
Buildings, we feel, are a commodity. They have to be functional and their aesthetics are a secondary factor. A good piece of architecture stimulates all the five senses, not just the visual.
Our team at ASA adheres to a holistic approach to sustainability that encompasses not only the built environment but also the people that live, work and play within it.
We do not accept anything less than perfection therefore we consistently and successfully complete projects that are contextual, functional, responsible and sustainable.