About Us


Our Design Approach

We at A Sharma Associates gets fully engaged with our clients - from conception to commissioning. We aim ensure maximum flexibility, connectivity, comfort and safety. We respond to the needs of developers and building users, creating cost-effective solutions that make the spaces leasable, saleable and ultimately attractive.

We excel in our innate knowledge, understanding of structure and MEP services therefore we always define systems & guidelines for these services. We strongly believe that in order to create a flawless built environment, we need to deliver a complete and fully coordinated set of working drawings to the site team before starting construction. We take this responsibility. Budget and Time Schedules are gospel truths for us. Any deviation on these can ruin the entire effort. At A Shrama Associates, we know that a successful project is much more rewarding than the remuneration of that project. Our hard work is our only advertisement and a satisfied client is the key to our success. We continuously aim to be the practice preferred by clients.